Round to round in segments with unfoldings. Support pipe with divided unfolding parts.
Spiral Staircase beam. Inside blue and outside in red. 
The vertical strips are associated with unfolding.
As shown in the picture, they are scaled in 1: 2 scale.


With PC Designer:

For a pipe task, the PC Designer unfolding program can be used to design a better flow with smaller number of pipe components. 
The result is a cheaper and better pipe solution.In the stirring example, the number of parts is reduced from 3 to 2 parts.

A circular piping consisting of 3 parts, 2 bends and 1 middle pipe can with PC Designer be reduced to:

2 parts
2 identical matching segment bends.

With the unfolding program you are not tied to a particular model like here with a straight branch. A distribution and reduction of pipe dimensions from one main strand to 2 smaller branches can be done in the same 2 parts. Reductions and bends are not needed.In the stirring example, the number of parts is reduced from 6 to 2 parts.

A piping for a branch consisting of 5 parts , 1 cone 1 branch for branch, 1 branch 1 cone and 1 bend can with PC Designer pc++ be reduced to:

2 parts
1 conical casing and 1 branch which is inclined at the end ~ a Conical Branch piece.

We offer:

Sheet metal unfolding

An unfolding-programme which calculates the flat model, which can be folded, bended and turned until it becomes the impressive, simple 3D-subject that you have in mind.
The measurements of the subject is being typed in and as print or a file, drawings with the models comes, and is split up in suitable parts and with the dimensions of the subject marked.
The unfolding-programme is mostly used for metal sheets, but it can also be used in fabric for filter bags or tarpaulins, for example a fabric-model for an umbrella.
The programme can save time and give more construction possibilities in proportion to the structure of standard components.

Calculation of sheet elements in Dxf-files
for making fast offers.

PC Laser reads DXF-files in a file-folder. All subjects in the files is being loaded and calculated.
Like this, it is possible to fast calculate the consumptions of the sheets and the production costs for cutting using a laser and bendings of a series of sheet elements. By selection of a file, the subject itself is shown.
The program gives a quick overview, is easy to use, and is ideal for pre-calculation.

Customer solutions

Special programs for unfolding of customer-subjects. Subjects which aren’t presented in the unfolding-program..

A square for round connecting for a channel, which also is placed oblique to the side, can consist of 4 chanal parts. If it is ok with a new design to a transition, ie 1 part in total, then unfoldings can easily and quickly be calculated and saved to  DXF files with the PC Designer unfolding program.

A square to round pipe consisting of 4 parts , 2 bends, 1 middle pipe and 1 transition can be reduced to:

1 part
1 piece staggered connection square to round.


With the programme PC Designer, it is possible to optimize pipe arrangements. The number of components can be reduced and the flow of the material itself can be improved in proportion to perhaps purchased standard parts.
Segment-bendings can be designed with more segments so that the air current has less resistance. The length of the pipe stub can be typed in, so the intermediate pipe possibly can be avoided.
Transition 1 subject instead of 4.
Conic branch pipe 2 subjects instead of 5. It can also be constructed asymmetrical.