The sheet metal unfolding program PC Designer

A tool for calculating shape of plate models. It saves time and gives new design options.
The program is used in the following industries:

  • Steel Construction:

    Funnels, containers, columns etc.

  • Ventilation plant - HVAC:

    Reductions Round to round, Round to square, branches, saddle cushions and bending as shown in the example on this page.

  • Technical Insulation:

    Covers for Technical insulation are designed as the internal ventilation pipes.
    Reductions Square round, cone or branch pipes have the same structure as the ventilation parts themselves.
    The unfolding program can be used for unfolding sheaths for Technical insulation in the same way as unfolding ventilation parts.

  • Textile ducts for fresh air intake

  • Tarpaulin:

    Silotope - cone or dome shaped, inflatable goal posts etc.

Segment bendings

Segment bending used for venting on a ship deck. Unfolded with PC Designer.

Unfolded segment bending

Plate unfolding for the segment bend

The sheet metal unfolding program PC Designer

The interface of the PC Designer unfolding program.